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Winter Fellowship Banquet

Online Winter Banquet

The Winter Fellowship Banquet will be held on Sunday, December 19th at 1PM at the Beaumont Scoutcraft Field. Due to current restrictions related to Covid-19 and indoor dining, the banquet is being held outdoors in order to not have a registration limit. The Shawnee Lodge will provide fires, heaters, and hot chocolate to keep you warm. Tickets are currently $25 so make sure to register here.

Thunderbird Chapter Calendar

The official calendar of the Thunderbird Chapter

January 2022

Tuesday January 25

All Day
Lodge Executive Committee Meeting

February 2022

Saturday February 5 – Sunday February 6

Lodge Leadership Development

Saturday February 19 – Sunday February 20

ACT Conference

March 2022

Tuesday March 22

All Day
Lodge Executive Committee Meeting

April 2022

Friday April 8 – Sunday April 10

Spring Conclave
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