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What Does the Position Entail?

An OA Troop Representative is responsible for being the youth bridge between the Chapter and the Unit. Week to week, the OA Troop Representative should be updating his or her Unit on the news in the Chapter. Whether that is an announcement at a Troop meeting, or an email to your Crew, all you need to do is get the word out. We’ll and you to a GroupMe with the other OA Troop Representatives and the Chapter Officers to pass along the information.

OA Troop Representatives

Troop 4No Response
Troop 6No Response
Troop 34No Response
Troop 51No Response
Troop 52No Response
Troop 62No Response
Troop 104Alex Y.
Troop 110No Response
Troop 179No Response
Troop 181No Response
Troop 212No Response
Troop 281No Response
Troop 500No Response
Crew 2006No Response
Crew 2179No Response

These are the Troops and Crews that have at least one person with dues paid since 2019. If your Unit does not have an OA Troop Representative listed above, that means your OA Troop Representative, if you have one, has not filled out the form linked below. If your Troop does not have an OA Troop Representative, please conduct an election for this position as soon as possible, or have someone step up. Have your OA Troop Representative fill out this form. Even if the OA Troop Representative remains the same from year to year, they will still need to fill out the form every year after Fall Reunion.

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